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If you need to make decisions for hernia - inquire.

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The world is colorful. There are nice, there is a good thing.

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The more information you have about the types of hernias, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment of hernia, the more likely it is to find appropriate and safe recovery.
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Our Creed: Uncompromising quality of medical services, care and personal attention to each patient commitment to the problems and fears his respect for time and work.
We strive for excellence in the surgical art, using the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of hernias, to provide our patients minimal pain and discomfort, faster recovery and betterquality of life after hernia surgery.


The individual on whom we operate is more than a physiological mechanism. He thinks, he fears, his body trembles if he lacks the comfort of a sympathetic face. For him nothing will replace the salutary contact with his surgeon, the exchange of looks, the feeling that the doctor has taken charge, with the certainty, at least apparent, of winning. These are the imponderables which we have no right to sacrifice.

R. Leriche


Think what a precious thing you work upon.It is the temple of God, his own image, The most precious creature that ever God made.

G. de Chauliac