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Patient laparoscopic surgery for inguinal hernia

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Patient of the Republic of Macedonia


Moscow patient operated for a huge umbilical hernia by Dr. Lyutskanov

Post by Peter Kyulev 83y old by Sofia surgery for hernia

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Hello, Dr. Lyutskanov. Long time arguing whether to write you this letter, but not the other so you do not take the time, but I decided that good people like you should receive such letters :-) I want to say a big thank you for your attention, care and job well done. I feel wonderful - move freely without something too heavy, or prevent stretched, do any work without problems even let myself and climb the peak, I've never done it. Get on the chalet - half a lift and then walk, and I did, the whole group had doubts because I am still "in operation", but I did.
Thank you very much! You are a wonderful person!
Greetings to Svetlana.
And to glory in something, you can hear in the media - I will try not to give interviews that I do not give journalists are good :-) after months in Dubai organized a unique exhibition of dolls (held once every 10 years), which represents thirty best authors of dolls from around the world - and I'm there - ranked in the top ten, with the right to participate as a representative of Bulgaria.
Nice and cheerful day for me!

Мария Кръстева - Хубавини
GSM 0887 224341
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Dr. Lyutskanov,
Two weeks ago you operate on my mother etc. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 'umbilical \ \ \ \ \ \ \' hernia. For \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "NHIF \ \ \ \ \ \ \" this is perhaps \ \ \ \ \ \ \ "good \ \ \ \ \ \ \" operation, but for us it was taka.Operatsiyata risk was due to the many problems associated with general and health. You and your team prepared for surgery in January, operate it and managed to keep perfect all the complications that make ... I do not know how to thank you, that she was home, out on walks without fear ... It says that your smiling eyes made ​​her lie down on the table and your professionalism it went in kashti.Radvam that there are people like you who are excellent doctors, psychologists and perfect! Thank you and your entire team who takes care of her all the time!


инж. Аделина Петева - "Пи 2 Проект"


Thank you letter
by Blagoj Grozdaov Economist
in accounting consultancy
Note, Blagoevgrad
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With this letter I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Vesselin Lyutskanov, professional job.
In M.10.2009g. inguinal hernia operated on him and to date 07.06.2010g. I'm full "alert" for the upcoming mini tournament "Albena 2010."
Before I met Dr. Lyutskanov I believe that in a country like our man must be both an economist, a lawyer and a doctor to survive. After using his professional work done, now I do not have to be a doctor.
I encourage all seekers surgeon holding responsiveness, professionalism and sincere concern for the problems of patients turn to Dr. Lyutskanov.
Thank you!


Hunting plays an important part in my life. Through it keep its shape and relax. But to go man should be in good healthy shape. When not in condition harming themselves and become burdens to colleagues. I'm not fond of people in the morning began to grumble that it hurts here and there. They want to put a close and good ambush. Since my childhood I try to keep fit. It is normal for a person to get sick or he had some kind of intervention. Just before the opening of hunting season, I realized that I have hernia. A small inguinal hernia, which deal only with surgery. There are people who live like that, and some people wear it forever. During Wingshooting felt that bother me. Do not let problems be dragged. Hunting no hunting decided to operate. We found hunting wild pigs and next week operation. I went to the best specialist who deals with hernia - Dr. Veselin Lyutskanov. The guy just gave me confidence. The operation was successful. True to yourself not even got bolkouspokyavashti and acquiesced. Even on the day I became operashtiyata and started to move. The next day I went more normal. I was thinking about hunting. I heard with friends and enjoy their success. On the fourth day I started to drive away and started going to feed the dog. He felt discomfort course. Once I removed the strings begin to increase walking. I watched "Hobby TV" hunting browsing forums. During the day, opening the frame and remove the gun did dry workouts - Stock, for example. I thought I already missed 6-7 outings. Months went. I reckoned that the hunting of wild pigs is facilitated by falling trees. I started to feel better. Do light exercise sliding. This week I was on the verge of taking the gun and left. It had been exactly 23 days after the surgery. On Saturday the weather was rainy. Reason prevailed and gave up. I went to the market and filled his wardrobe of hunting clothes. Today the weather was nice. Ideal for hunting. Started internally to blame, I missed outings. My wife suggested a compromise solution - take the dog and go for a hike. He wanted to raise hips for winter. We went to Central forest, but in such an area where no hunting. The dog was not placed about a month and it was a great joy. In the distance they heard gunshots. Judging from what companions are wondering if they have luck. The thrill came over me. But I felt that I was not quite ready to hunt. The terrain was rough and tough. As I felt discomfort spiral lies down and slatseto uslushvah from where the shot will come. For about three hours iziminah 9-10 km. As I reached the car I said that if we do not get problems then everything is fine. At home I had a big appetite, drink a glass of red wine and then nap. So far, there is nothing particularly ponabolyava bit, but I think it is normal for such loading. I believe that successfully restore. Hopefully next week I hope to hunt and have blank cartridges.


From: Georgi Petakov <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sent: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:34:27 +0300 (GMT+03:00)
Subject: pozdravi

Zdravejte d-r Liuckanov!
Pishe vi Georgi ot Bansko.Operirahte me prez mesec Avgust. Vsi4ko pri men e chudesno.Sled operativnoto vyztanoviavane premina chudesno. Mesec sled operaciata zapo4nah gimnastika a sedmica po kysno i licevi opori.Ve4e pravia nabirania na visilka i kofi4ki na usporedka.Vse o6te ne smeja da vdigam tegesti,no skoro i tova 6te stane.

S netyrpenie 4akam ski sezona,sy6to. Nadiavam se zanapred da se sre6tame samo po dobri povodi(pochivki i kuponi po krychmi). Bydete zdravi i mnogo uspehi v li4en i slugeben plan!

Pozdravi! Georgi

Дата: Thu, 3 May 2007 12:45:30 +0300 (EEST)

From: Natalia Valcheva <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
By: v.lyutskanov @
Theme: prosto taka rashih Details
Hi Dr. Lyutskanov,
Natalia wrote you from Provadia (if you even remember who I am). Decided to just sit down and you scratched a few lines, though I was super embarrassing you speak Vie.Za me you were more than my treating doctor You were a friend from whom I needed those few days while I was in bolnitsata.Blagodarya your attention and reassurance that you inspire in me and what I needed. Surely you do not hate on the contrary, I love you very much and would be nice to keep the money you priyatelstvoto.Otnosno left (I hope I did not offend you) but I left them, not to get rich but they can help yourself to me because we were not able to do it together. Now, finally, surgery and took out the strings, everything looks good, feels good (navel is also good), but later I'll send pictures, do tan :))). If you have time to write my will you understand and not sardya.Ako I can help with anything, ever have my phone.
With the most sincere feelings

Дата: Mon, 14 May 2007 13:11:24 +0300 (EEST)

От: Georgi Petakov <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>         

До: "" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Тема: Re: Re: pozdravi  Детайли 

Zdravejte D-r Luckanov!

Az se 4uvstvam mnogo dobre.Ve4e dori zabravih 4e izob6to sym bil operiran.Zanimavam se pylnocenno sys sport,dori vyv fitnesa vyzvyrnah postigeniata si koito bqha otpredi godini.Izob6to ne sygalqvam 4e se operirah pri vas.Drugia mesec zaminavam da porabotq v Anglia nqkolko meseca.A zimata givot i zdrave pak 6te se pribera za skite. 
Nadqvam se 4e i pri vas vsi4ko e normalno. 
Pozdravi na celia ekip v bolnica VITA! 

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: OTZIV za meditzinsko obsluzhvane v bolnitza "VITA"

Kazvam se Stefan Markov, stroitelen inzhener ot Sofiia. Vazhiten sam ot otlichnata organizatziya na meditzinskata deynost I prevazhodnite uslovia v bolnitza "VITA", grad Sofia. Beshe mi napravena perfektna operatziya ot herniya s otlichni rezultati ot ekip nachelo s d-r VESELIN LYUTSKANOV, d.m. Toy e ne samo izklyuchitelen profesionalist, no I otlichen psiholog. Super privetliv, otzivchiv, lachezaren I priyatelski nastroen, d-r LYUTSKANOV vdahva uverenost v patzienta, koeto e izvestno uslovie za blagopriyaten izhod ot operatziyata. Sashtoto grizhovno otnoshenie proyavyava I po vreme na nyakolkoto kontrolni pregleda sled operatziyata. Saprugata mi inzhener Svetlana Lilkova-Markova, koyato me sledvashe neotklonno prez tzyaloto vreme, sashto spodelya napalno moeto mnenie. Izrazyavam nay-goreshta blagodarnost na Rakovodstvoto na bolnitza "VITA" w grad |Sofia, na operatzionniya ekip I lichno na rakovoditelya mu d-r VESELIN LYUTSKANOV, d.m. Vie mi varnahte samochuvstvieto na napalno zdrav chovek. Zhiveya nedalech ot "VITA" I kogato minavam pokray neya, izpitvam umilenie I blagodarnost kam meditzinskiya ekip. 
Inzhener Stefan Markov, sobstvenik I upravitel na AVLIDA Ltd, Sofia Dotzent d-r inzhener Svetlana Lilkova-Markova, rakovoditel katedra "Tehnicheksa mehanika" v Universiteta po arhitektura, stroitelstvo I geodeziya, Sofia


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