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Veselin Lyutskanov MD, PhD


Veselin Lyutskanov MD, PhD

Education: Medical - Medical Academy, Sofia, 1986 Specializes in surgery subsequently in Institute "Pirogov" and Military Medical Academy in the period 1986 - 1991.

My teachers are the honorable:

Prof. A. Pinkas in emergency surgery - Head of the Department of Emergency Surgery in the Institute "Pirogov"; Prof. D. Popov in Traumatology in the Institute"Pirogov" Prof. I.Donkov; Prof. N. Vasilev, Prof. J. Topalov in general and military field surgery, thoracic and vascular Surgery of the Military Medical Academy; Prof. T. Todorov, founder of the herniology in Bulgaria - interest in abdominal hernia, Prof. G. Kondarev - supervisor and longtime coach at the Medical Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During 1992 to 2007 - assistant and chief assistant at the Surgical Clinic of the Medical Institute - Ministry of Internal affairs. Since 1994 actively studying the problem of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with abdominal hernias.

Experience of treatment and monitoring of thousands of patients with abdominal hernias. Since 1995, a surgeon at Hospital "Vita" and in 2005 founded, developed and managed the surgical ward. Introduced the fundamentals of minimum invasive (laparoscopic) surgery. Dr. Lyutskanov founded and managed the first specialized center for treatment of hernias - "Vita"Hernia Center For the period 2005-2009 there hundreds of one-day hernia surgeries are carried out  with excellent results, fast recovery and great patient satisfaction.

Since November 2009 Dr. Lyutskanov joined the team in the newly formed department of minimum invasive and laparoscopic surgery in Tokuda Hospital (the Japanese hospital) Sofia, headed byProfessor Vladimir Dimov.

Specializations and majors:


• Recognized specialization in surgery in 1991 before a committee chaired by Prof. J. Topalov • Upper and lower endoscopy course, Medical Academy in 1998. • Ultrasound Course - Medical Academy in 2002. - Prof. R. Djerassi. • In 2005, Ph.D.: "Inguinal hernia - optimization of the surgical treatment" with supervisor Prof. G. Kondarev. • Laparoscopic Surgery Course - St. "Anna" 2005, led by Prof. T. Pojarliev.


• Treatment of hernia "Hernia meshes" course  - Slovenia 2007. - Dr. Klavora • Treatment of colorectal cancer course  - National Cancer Center, 2008 led by Prof. V. Dimitrov. • Course in Laparoscopic hernioplastics - Sweden 2010 - Dr. S. Bringmann.

Member of the Bulgarian Surgical Society.
Author and co-author of over 45 publications and reports in scientific periodicals and surgical events.