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Bilateral hernia

Dvustranna_hernia Двустранна херния

What is a bilateral inguinal hernia? It is when the patient unfortunately has a hernia simultaneously on both groins. Is it frequent and what is the treatment?


It is observed in 30% of patients with hernias. It is more common with people  50-55 years or older. Hernias can occur simultaneously, usually a hernia occurs on one side and later another occurs on the other. Logically, the question of simultaneous surgical treatment of the two hernias is raised. Yes - it is technically possible. I will present the positive and negative side of such an operation if it is conventional or with incisions. Positive:

  • one surgery with one anesthetic
  • one absence from work
  • one-time fear of surgery, inconvenience and anxiety
  • relatively cheaper Negative:
  • longer time of surgery and therefore a higher risk of complications
  • two separate incisions and occurring it is quite possible for any complications to transfer  bilaterally
  • more difficult and painful recovery
  • higher risk of testicular complications and infertility in young men In laparoscopic / bloodless / bilateral hernia surgery these negative aspects are neutralized to a large extent. In one surgery the two hernias are be removed. A negative may be the higher price. It is a good thing if everyone can make a well-informed choice. All this is discussed specifically and individually. The other health issues are discussed and a decision for the type of surgery is taken.

What isbilateralismof ahernia?If Ihave a surgery would Igetherniaon the other side?

You have a hernia. It is operated and after the surgery in a different period of time another hernia appears on the other side. The probability for this to happen is about 40%. There are two sides and they become ill and are treated subsequently and independently from one another.

The photo shows a left-sided hernia and a scar from a right-sided hernia an earlier period is visible.The period is more than a year because the scar on the right has the color of the surrounding skin and is aligned with it. This is a "ripe" scar.