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Hernia complications


What the consequences resulting hernia?


The long presence of hernia leads to inflammation in hernia sacs. Adhesions are formed and the relegation body bag and gradually hernia hernia is not removable, and is constantly swelling (hernia accreta). These adhesions hamper and increase the risk for subsequent surgery for hernia.Inflammation and ulceration occurs in the skin and surrounding tissues. Symptoms are itching, pain and discharge. Is an increased risk of inflammation in operation.


What is the biggest danger of hernia?


The most dangerous complication of hernia is called entrapment. It is squeezing the body (usually red) in the hernia sack and his disability. This threatened to development of gangrene of the intestine and peritonitis. Symptoms are sudden pain and swelling in the hernia bag inability to retract. A vomiting and abdominal pain, progressively worsening general condition. Entrapment occurs when emergency surgery is required. Hernia surgery is urgent to ten times higher risk of serious complications and poor outcome.

There are complications and traumatic hernia. Vulnerable in hernia jackets are fragile.
The second photo shows injured in a fall and bowel injury hernia sacs.

A threatening emergency surgery due to the rapid development of peritonitis.


To avoid these complications it is advisable to operate hernia in the planning order, not an emergency. So the patient best prepare and minimize potential trouble.