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Hernia and pregnancy

бременност и херния hernia_pregnant


Pregnancy causes a hernia?

Hernia may have prior to pregnancy or appear later. The growing uterus and abdominal pressures are prerequisites for this. Along with the difficulties of pregnancy is added and discomfort in the area of the hernia. On the other hand enlargement gradually uterus pushes the abdominal organs back and limited the possibility of trapped hernia. The presence of hernia not limited regime pregnant.

Can both cesarean to operate and hernia?

If the birth will be very tempting cesarean is to operate both hernias to avoid two operations. Prospective parents and their relatives often put this question.

Do not advise concomitant abdominal hernia surgery in the performance of cesarean and more to be done by cesarean hernia.
The arguments are:
  • - Cesarean birth is surgery when it is contraindicated in the normal way. Often women are anemic. It is necessary to speed and minimal risk for mother and child. The extension of hernia surgery with plastic increases the risk to the mother.
  • - Anatomical tissues and maternal resources have changed and resolved after birth
  • - End of amniotic fluid in the wound carry a higher risk of inflammation in herniated plastic, especially if you have put on canvas for hernia.
  • - Possible development of postoperative hernia in place of cesarean section or immediately after a few months. So the second stage will be restored and two hernias. This may make laparoscopic (bloodless).


Hernia surgery is discussed as early as 6-8 months after birth. In recital are any new bremennostti and "stork visits"
If you have questions do not hesitate to ask!