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Hernia in children

Children_hernia херния при детеInguinal hernia occurs in children 2-3%. It occurs more often in premature infants. By birth, both testicles are in the child's abdomen near the kidneys and descend into the bag just before birth in the inguinal canal. It remains open until the end of the first year, then closes. In 15%, however, may remain open and this is the main prerequisite for the development of hernia in children. Manifests as swelling in the bag for boys and girls above the fold in which increases in crying. When there is danger of entrapment injury of the genitals or rectum. The child is fussy and crying, and swelling is firm and not harvested.

childrens_hernia_after_operation херния след операция

Treatment is surgical and can wait especially to premature weighing about 6 kg and after 3-4 months. If entrapment is operated in an emergency. In umbilical hernia is not a quick operation. In 80-90% it is closed until the third year. You can try to start with patches. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask!


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