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Hernia in women

hernia woman Херния при женаhernia_womenThe particular hernia in women is associated primarily with pregnancy and childbirth.It is one of the reasons for the occurrence of hernia in women. Inguinal hernias occurten times more frequently than men, but left untreated can acquire sinister sizes and are great challengehernia_women_operacia


operation. Pictures is shown hernia in a woman of 70
years, which had endured a long time but no longer tolerated. Can not maintainhygiene and the most pressing needs. In the hernia bag is a large part of the intestine and that their function is disturbed. Another feature of women is very common femoralhernia. Sometimes trapped femoral hernia is the first manifestation of disease.Typical of women is postoperative hernia appears mostly due to frequent gall bladder surgery and operations of the uterus, ovaries and cesarean birth.