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What is a hernia?


inguinal_hernia ингвинална херния

A hernia is a weak area /hole/ of the abdominal wall through which abdominal organs go out (intestine, ovary, uterus, bladder). What are the causes of a hernia? There are two reasons for the occurrence of a hernia: an innate insufficiency of the muscle coverage of the abdominal wall and an innate or acquired and progressively growing weakness of the supporting tissues of the body over time. Where do hernias occur? Most often (80%) this is a groin hernia or the so called inguinal hernias. It may be in the area of the belly button – a umbilical hernia. Postoperative hernia occurs in the place of a previous abdominal surgery. The abdominal organs go through these weak areas, gradually pushing out the peritoneum (abdominal wrapping, abdominal skin) and a hernia sac is formed. What are the symptoms and the development of hernias? In the beginning the hernia creates discomfort and it can complicate your life with its growing. The abdominal organs which pass through the hernia hole are pressed and pains and heaviness, digestive problems and difficulty in urinating, if there is involvement of the bladder can occur. The natural development of the hernia is progressive – the hernia increases. What are the risks or complications of a hernia? Abdominal hernia can be dangerous if it gets trapped. In a sudden compression (entrapment ) of the abdominal organs involved, there are possible consequences for health and life. If an entrapment occurs, an emergency surgery is required. Signs of entrapment are pain, swelling of the hernia, inability for the hernia to go back and later - nausea and vomiting. The general condition is rapidly worsening. A hernia without treatment can reach gigantic proportions.

The more you learn and know about hernia, the bigger the chances to get the best treatment are.

inguinal hernia херния ингвинална


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