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If you or someone close hernias are hernias?


If you have a hernia or hernia signs and questions about your condition and treatment can make an appointment for consultation by telephone registry Tokuda Hospital. Your questions I can answer in writing veselin.lyutskanov @ At the appointed time I will be invited to tell us about your symptoms, signs, pain and fear associated with possible hernia.


How is examined for hernias?

This review was originally a hernia in the right position, like the review of varicose veins. Both afflictions are often combined. Hernia hernia specialist will investigate and will prompt you to coughing. This increases abdominal pressure and shows just how weak area of ​​the hernia. The review continues in the supine position. If necessary, perform ultrasonography of the abdomen to identify a small hernia, location and size of the hernia defect. In some cases it may be applied scan or MRI. In case you herniologat diagnosis hernia will be spelled out in detail the implications and risks to your health, what is best for you in particular. Your are two possible solutions.


  • Continue to have a hernia.
  • To perform a hernia operation.

If the decision is hernia not to operate?

Without surgery for hernia are at risk of complications and mostly zakleshtena hernia. This complication threatens health and your life. On the other hand the hernia usually increases progressively sometimes enormous size or quality of life. Wearing a "hernia belts for" not treating hernia. Crush leads to worsening nutrition, inflammatory adhesions are formed in the hernia bag, increasing defect and subsequent surgery difficult hernia.


If you decide to get rid of annoying hernia?


What will be the preparation of hernia surgery?


What tests are needed?

If your decision is to begin operation complete preoperative examination and preparation. There will be full blood tests. We will do an electrocardiogram of the heart and consultation with a cardiologist to examine the state of the cardiovascular system and your readiness for surgery. If you need to apply appropriate medical training. If necessary, you will have an x-ray of the lungs. In the presence of accompanying pains will be consulted by the appropriate specialists. If you need to apply appropriate preparation. So you are ready for operation and will set a convenient date for admission to hospital Tokuda. By occurrence and it is good to keep a cold. In case of illness elective surgery for hernia deferred for a new date.


What diet should be followed before hernia surgery?

In the week prior to surgery is not desirable to apply weight loss diets to avoid reduced immunity. It is desirable to stop or limit alcohol. Refraining from smoking is also very important as you can be difficult.


What was that?

Smokers have a higher risk of complications and those who did not smoke for a month before surgery had 30% fewer complications!

You should stop taking medications for "blood thinners" such as aspirin, Sintrom, arthritis medicines, vitamin E and consult herniologa about it. On the appointed day the operation should not take food and fluids other than what you accept as a permanent therapy for blood pressure or heart with a sip of water. Most often do not require laxatives and starvation to gut the previous day. You should not shave (epilating). Can hernia hairless area with a trimmer last night or this will be done before surgery in our hospital Tokuda. At the appointed time I will be welcomed. We will complete the necessary paperwork and placed in your room. We will do the necessary research. We will read and sign informed consents for anesthesia (anesthesia) and surgery. Will be implemented in the operating room and anesthesiology experienced nurse will measure your blood pressure and put the system will put monitoring devices (to monitor

and the work of the heart, respiration, oxygen saturation of your body, blood pressure). The anesthetist will put anesthesia.


What we prefer anesthetized for surgery of hernia?

We prefer so-called spinal or regional anesthesia. You're awake during the entire operation and also can not feel anything from the waist down for two hours. Less commonly used general anesthetic - mostly for children. Apply in certain cases and local anesthesia. These options are discussed in advance with you.


How long does a hernia operation?

Surgery for hernia still average 50 to 60 minutes. In large and complex hernias 90 minutes. Applied individually tailored to your situation method hernia sculpture. In need of further strengthening the abdominal wall place "canvas". This is a synthetic high-tech material produced specifically for strengthening the abdominal wall. We apply the algorithm to-date antibiotic prophylaxis after completion of surgery with a little help to move to the bed and placed in your room. You'll systems for about two hours. We will contact your family to assure them that everything went well. A little later, if you want you can see. After about one hour, you can take liquids and later to eat.


Before he crossed the effects of anesthesia will apply modern painkillers preparations so that you minimize the unpleasant sensations. The first few days with decreasing intensity will have discomfort in the area of ​​operation, "pull" and pain in motion (it is still surgery). This will be overcome with pain medicines. Depending on your condition within a few hours you will be dynamic in the room.

Will your family be invited to greet you if you wish. The next day, after a thorough examination of your herniolog and paste special waterproof bandage, if all goes well, will be displayed. You will receive medical records and hospital sheet, and detailed instructions for behavior in the postoperative period. After painting you can travel. Hygienic bathroom is usually possible the next day. We encourage early recovery of your activity including sexual. Within 3-4 weeks you can resume your usual lifestyle. Monitoring continues with annual check-ups to monitor remote results of surgery of hernia.