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Hernia surgery anesthesia

anestesia упойка при херния операция


In inguinal hernia surgery prefer spinal or regional anesthesia. You are awake during the entire operation and also can not feel anything from the waist down for two hours.
This type of anesthesia for hernia surgery is the most friendly to the patient. Analgesia is excellent. Worries and fears he will "attend" the operation will hear everything are largely unfounded. You will be covered with sterile sheets to completely isolate the work area. So you will not see the surgery.
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General anesthesia is used in plastic umbilical hernia and a large recurrence or postoperative hernia. General anesthesia is required for laparoscopic (so-called bloodless surgery) hernia surgery.
Use in certain cases of inguinal hernia and a local anesthetic. Anesthetic is placed on the site of the hernia with the active assistance of the anesthesiologist
Most hernias centers in Europe and the U.S. local anesthesia is used in 80% of inguinal hernia operations.
These options are discussed in advance with you after you have explained the advantages and disadvantages of various types of anesthesia for hernia surgery.




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