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Hernia surgery complications

What are the possible complications after hernia surgery?
For each operation are possible complications.
The only way to avoid complications ...
.. Is not doing operations
R. Zorron Brazil
Immediately after hernia surgery possible bleeding wound and inflammation. Inflammation or infection of the wound is less likely in the laparoscopic method for hernia surgery.
Postoperative voiding difficulty occurs in men with prostate problems and may require temporary placement of urethral catheter.
When spinal anesthesia is rarely possible headaches in getting out of bed in the early days, which gradually disappears with the intake of more fluids, rest and analgesics.
There is a slight increase in body temperature during the first days (called Resorptive temperature)
Systemic pulmonary and cardiac complications are also possible.
Too often in my patients relapse and tenderness in the late postoperative period.
The results of specialized hernia centers have proven better. As a result, special interest and experience herniolozite are made and implemented modern and detailed algorithms specified for active prevention of possible complications and recurrences.
What we achieve results?
Relapses are below 0.5%. Minimal early complications in up to 1%. There was no surgical wound infection and rejection of the canvas in any one patient for the past ten years.
"When a man says he is an experienced hernia surgeon and has never had a recurrence, he is a liar in one statement and probably in both."
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