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Recovering after hernia surgery


What is the recovery period after surgery? You will go back to your normal life within 2-4 weeks. Your family and friends will not believe it until they see it. These are the details:


What determines recovery after hernia surgery?


  • Recovery after hernia surgery depends on many specific factors:
  1. The type and development of the hernia
  2. presence of complicated hernia
  3. your age and other health issues
  4. A very important factor is your personal motivation for a quick recovery and returning to a normal rhythm of life.

I will present a typical course of postoperative recovery after hernia surgery. What happens in the ward? After completing the surgery you will be assisted in moving to the bed in your room. You will contact your relatives to assure them that everything went well. A little later, if you want you can invite them to see you. In about one hour, you can receive fluids and a little later – water. Depending on your condition within a few hours you will be assisted in moving inside the room. Before the anesthesia wears off we will apply modern anesthetic agents so to minimize the unpleasant sensations. On the next day, after a full examination and bandaging from your surgeon, you will be signed off. You will receive a hospital and medical history sheet, and detailed instructions for the post surgical period. At home aftersigning off?

In the first few days you will have discomfort with decreasing intensity in the area of the surgery, "pulling" and mild pain when moving, especially when getting to and out of bed (it is a surgery after all). This will be overcome with some painkillers. A lot of my patients do not need any painkillers. You can travel after signing off (some of our patients even drive, which is not advisable). Bathing is usually possible immediately, as we put a waterproof bandage. In the first few days (2 to 7) it is better for you to be at home. Walking is good, but it is desirable 80% of your time to be in the bed reading a book, watching TV, playing on laptop in sitting posture. Then gradually you can start going to the office in 3-4 days if you have urgent matters to attend it, driving a car for short periods of time, training in the gym or having a sex. How many weights can I lift after a hernia surgery?

Lifting of 10-15kg weights is possible. After two weeks gradually - swimming, walking, fitness with light weights, office work. In 3-4 weeks you can practice sports without extreme weightlifting, wrestling or rugby. In the first days you will have some swelling in the area of ​​surgery and tingling in her. This is normal and don’t have to bother you. Gradually for 2-3 months everything will be OK. When do I need control examination?

Monitoring with control examinations is performed on the 8th day and then we take off the stitches (it doesn’t hurt at all). The second examination is performed on the 30th day. The other examinations have to be done every year.  If you have any concerns about your hernia surgery you can contact your surgeon (herniologist). I have presented this in details here Is it necessary to use a belt or a bandage after hernia surgery?

Normally not necessary. It may be necessary for large postoperative ventral hernia. Then we will recommend a specific individual recovery plan.

“If  you once learn hernia surgery the wrong way and continue to use your technique not knowing your results, improvement of quality is not to be expected just because you are getting older…

St. Haapaniemi