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Canvas for hernia

platno Платно за херния пластика


Hernia is a weak area / hole / abdominal wall through which abdominal organs out. The reasons are mainly two:
device congenital abdominal wall muscle under cover.
congenital or acquired, and progressive weakness of the supporting tissues of the body over time, inexorable (tissue wear - we age).
To compensate for this weakness of the supporting tissues of the body to apply the so-called sails. These are high-tech synthetics.
When placed in the hernia defect they stimulate
formation of scar tissue and thus contribute to a significant strength plastic hernia.
The first synthetic prostheses are used by Don Aquaviva (1949) and Rene Bourgeon (1955) in France, followed by Usher (1950) and Koontz (1960) in the United States.
There are currently a wide range of synthetic materials, a number of leading manufacturers, covering all requirements of hernia plastic and method (conventional or laparoscopic) to access the hernia defect.
Our favorite in laparoscopic surgery Tokuda (Japanese hospital) have paid Ehticon. Benefits are excellent quality, very good tolerance and comfort after hernia surgery.
Can the body reject them? Contemporary paintings are physically and chemically inert. Rejection is actually when there are complications with wound infection and it is causing the problem. This applies to each plateau in terms of quality. Important here is the work of the surgeon. Choose particular case suitable canvas accurate method for hernioplastika and apply all modern methods of prevention to avoid such complications. In most of the plastics we use sails Ethicon, as some of the best quality and with excellent results. The photo shown Vypro II Mesh. It is a two and edroporesto. It is built on the basis of polypropylene and cover from Vycryl, which is absorbed within 3 months after surgery for hernia. Thus canvas is soft and there is less foreign material preserved for strength plastic.
However, the use of sails December is not absolute. Thoroughly reasoned decision to use cloth or plastic to make its own tissue and hernia surgeon specialist. In the case of young people with small hernia defects or high risk of complications and rejection of the canvas is wise not to put canvas / mesh /.


Prostheses, whatever their value, cannot replace, a full knowledge of the underlying anatomy and pathology of hernia, or substitute for the exercise of time-honored principles of surgical technique.