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Preparing for hernia surgery

After review of herniologist you'll think and when you have a positive decision for surgery we will consider a convenient date. If necessary because any accompanying disease we will begin preoperative full investigation and preparation. There will be full of blood tests. We will do an electrocardiogram of the heart and consultation with a cardiologist to examine the status of your cardiovascular system and readiness for surgery. If you need we will apply appropriate medication. If necessary, you will be check with X-ray of the lungs. In the presence of accompanying suffering you will be consulted by the experts. If you have allergy, allergy testing and consultation with relevant allergy treatment will be done.

So you are ready for hernia surgery and we will determine a convenient date. You will be adopted before the day and you will perform routine testing and preparation for operation. There are no restrictions on seasons. Operations are carried out throughout the year. In modern hospitals and operating rooms there is air conditioning and the temperature is constant.
What to do until the day of surgery?
It is good to be healthy. In case of illness hernia surgery is deferred for a new date. It is good idea to notify your herniologist. In the week prior to surgery for hernia is not desirable to apply weight loss diets, not to decreased immunity. You should stop taking medications for "blood thinners" such as aspirin, medicines for arthritis, vitamin E and to consult with your surgeon. You should not shave or epilating the hernia area. It will be done before surgery by us. It is desirable to stop or limit alcohol. Refraining from smoking is also very important.
Smokers have shown a higher risk of complications and those who have not smoked for about a month before surgery had 30% fewer postoperative complications! You choose!

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