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Swollen testicle after hernia surgery


This is "often" common complication after surgery for inguinal hernia in men.


Why is swelling of the testicles after hernia surgery?


Passes through the inguinal canal cordon. In it are the vas deferens and testicular blood vessels feeding. Also available in a cordon and hernia. If the hernia is large or hernia ingvinoskrotalna it reaches the testis. In conventional open surgery inguinal canal and is separated from the blood vessels rupture and vas deferens. If this separation is traumatic for possible damage to blood vessels and ischemia of the testis with subsequent inflammation and edema or swelling with pain. It is possible bruising of testicles.


A second reason may be swollen after the release of huge hernia in which the removal of the large sac remains large cavity fill with tissue fluid.

A third reason may be inflammation in herniated plasticity. In this case there is swelling and the surgical wound, fever.

Treatment of these conditions should be kept by the operator or by a qualified surgeon.


How to reduce this "common" complication?


You should choose a suitable operation suitable canvas. You need good knowledge of the anatomy of the area and great experience in altered anatomy orientation as a result of hernia. It is imperative that a careful and delicate handling of tissue during surgery using the most modern methods and apparatus for hemostasis (bleeding). Laparoscopic method also reduces the risk of this condition.