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Doctor is developed MI-MI for the period 1996 2005. 1233 hernias were studied. Data were collected on: gender, age, duration of disease prior appendectomy, bilateralism (available operated or contralateral hernia) weight. For surgery: anesthesia, operative time, pathologic type of hernia classification of Nyhus, the presence of sliding hernia recovery method, intraoperative complications, postoperative complications. Hernia recurrence were observed characteristic of them: a sequence of recurrence, time to recur complications and type of previous plastic (medical history, intraoperative findings). Late results were followed for 1088 (88%) patients with personalized check-ups (618) and poll (470). Compares the results of application of the method to further strengthen the internal inguinal aperture cremasteric flap with a control group of indirect hernias operated conventionally. Developed and implemented with excellent results have been operating two private methods:


-Modified method for our prosthesis (Moran-Madden)
-method cremasteric strengthen the internal inguinal hernia meshes in an indirect
Need to enter, store and analyze large amounts of information about many patients to be treated statistically the results necessary to develop an electronic database. It entered data were exported and processed with statistical package SPSS 11.0.1 were applied: diskriptiven analysis krostabulatsiya, variance analysis, graphical analysis, test χ2; ekzakten Fisher test, the method of Kolmogorov-Smirnov, nonparametric test of Kruskal-Wallis; nonparametric test of Mann-Whitney; method of Kaplan-Meier; methods Log Rank, Breslow and Tarone-Ware; coke regression.
On the basis of survey results to assess the role and severity of risk factors and develop an algorithm for a specific choice of plastic hernia.
Specialization as a clinical intern at the Department of Military Field Surgery MMA period 1988-1991 under the guidance of Prof. N. Vassilev, I. Assoc Donkov, Prof.A.Pinkas, Prof.Popov, Prof. J. Topalov.
Diploma_Exografia Ultrasonography of the abdomen under the guidance of Prof. Djerassi
Diploma_LaparoscopiaUnder the leadership of Prof. Pojarliev
Groin_Hernia_repair Modern mesh hernioplasty with Ethicon
Carcinoma_colonisColorectal cancer - Prof. V. Dimitrov
Course in Laparoscopic hernioplasty Sweden 2010