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Hernia belt, bandage

Why not recommend belts or bandages for hernia?


Wearing belts do not treat hernias.


Pressing even worse circulation and nutrition of tissues in the area of ​​hernialniya bag and hernialnata door. Inflammatory adhesions form hernialniya bag and prolabirashtite in Herne authorities. Increases herniations and hinders subsequent hernia surgery.

The upper image shows a handmade "cheap" rim made bilateral inguinal hernia. This is less efficient, does not cure the hernia and creates preconditions for complications.

However, if the hernia surgery is contraindicated


Due to serious comorbidities or has rebuffed surgery belt is a solution though temporary and ineffective.

Good hernia belt and be factory installed and worn correctly. Consultation with a reasonable hernia specialist for recommendations regarding the selection and proper use of the belt (jockstrap).

On the bottom picture shows "effects" of long belt for hernia. Hernia has increased significantly and most of the intestines enter into the scrotum. There is inflammation and ulceration of the skin, itching and discomfort.


If you have questions, I know most of the answers.


Cheap is always ultimately more expensive. Just consider Chemist or store clerk in the bathroom and seen how Hennie put bandages. Maybe your neighbor is competent cobbler can produce "nice" belt.