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Femoral hernia


This is a groin hernia but hernialnata door is near the highway blood vessels. It is significantly less than inguinal. It occurs ten times more common in women. Symptoms include swelling in the upper thigh in the groin skin fold, weight and pain in an upright position and push the body. In obese people may remain hidden in a thick layer of subcutaneous fat and the diagnosis to be delayed.This carries a risk of entrapment. In femoral hernia because of the relatively narrow and rigid walls hernialna neck injury occurs rapidly bind the body (red) and peritonitis. Life threatening condition requiring emergency surgery. This is the reason for femoral hernia proved to recommend mandatory operation before entrapment has occurred.


Logical thinker would ask, but you do not meet both inguinal and femoral hernia in the same person from one country. To meet, but must look carefully to not miss one. It is the role of experienced herniolog to an accurate diagnosis pre-operational. Ultrasonography is of assistance and scanner. The role of herniologa is important during surgery for inguinal hernia seek, find and remove potentially available and a second hernia. In laparoscopic (bloodless) way of expression is greatly facilitated because the inside is easy to see all hernia doors.