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Hernia after laparoscopic surgery


Hernia after laparoscopic or "bloodless" surgery / trocar hernia, hernia port /

This kind of post-operative hernia. With the expansion of laparoscopic surgery in many areas of medicine such as surgery, gynecology, urology and increased late complications at the site of insertion of the trocar / tools /. This type of hernia is relatively rare. It occurs in up to * 6% of laparoscopies performed. The most common site for development of this complication is set in the area of ​​tools. Usually this is around the navel.


Why does trocar hernia?


  • Insufficiently recovered tissue after removal of the instrument during the first operation
  • Overweight
  • Early initiation of hard work after surgery
  • Postoperative inflammation at the trocar or instrument


What are the symptoms of port hernia?


Symptoms are like all hernias. Appeared swelling and pain, which gradually increased. Possible complications are jammed with symptoms of sudden, sharp pain and swelling at the site of the hernia. Swelling can not be retracted. The condition is urgent and must seek surgical help.


How to treat trocar hernia?


Unfortunately, the patient and the surgeon performed the laparoscopy treatment of trocar hernia is again operational. It is putting big enough canvas to cover the wide hernialniya defect. It can be installed with conventional access - incision over hernia or bloodless way. Again postavchne laparoscopy and bottom of the canvas to cover hernialniya defect. Recovery is fast - after 1 week could begin office work, and after 3-4 weeks all the work and sport.