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Inguinal hernia


The most frequent (80%) of all abdominal hernias is the groin or inguinal hernia. It is up to ten times more common in men compared with inguinal hernia in women. Inguinal hernia can be bilateral. It occurs at any age. It can be innate in children. The canal through which the testicle descends in the scrotum had not closed. At the age of 50 the probability of getting an inguinal hernia increases significantly. There is nothing to be done – we grow old. In Bulgaria, about 20 000 hernia operations are performed each year. 3% of the surgeries are (600) emergency operations, due to entrapment of the hernia, which is the most frequent complication of hernia.


hernia_inguinalis, ингвинална хернияinguinal_herniq ингвинална херния

Without treatment the enlargement of the inguinal hernia has almost no limits!

With such huge hernias the so called sliding hernias occur. They are a subset in which the wall of the hernia is the very organ in the hernia bag. Failing to recognize the state may result in damaging of the organ, and when the hernia is treated poorly relapses often occurs.


Patient who has undergone an inguinal hernia surgery two days ago