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Recurrent hernia

hernia_recidiva рецидивна херния


Recurens is a postoperative hernia after hernia surgery. It occurs on average about 15% of all surgical patients with hernia surgery. The are a lots of reasons for relapse of hernia: weakness in the diagnosis and assessment of the hernia defect, incorrect approach when choosing a metod for hernioplsty, poor technical performance, complications in surgery, weakness of the tissues. The smallest percentage of complications and recurrences in specialized hernia centers. This is determined by special interests and training of hernia experts to master modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of hernias and apply them individually according to the individual patient. To track their long-term results near and far.

In plastic hernia hernia recurrence needs to be done in 95% as a canvas fabrics are weak. Many laparoscopic surgery is appropriate. "If you learned wrong abdominal hernia surgery and continue to use their equipment without being interested in the results, significant improvement can be expected, because you get older and" experienced "- writes Haapaniemi115, justify their thesis and Benefits created a "Swedish Hernia Register" in 1992 to monitor patients and improve treatment.


“When a man says he is an experienced hernia surgeon and has never had a recurrence, he is a liar in one statement and probably in both.”


High rate of recurrent groin hernias is caused by the failure of surgeons to learn a method directly from those skilled in its application.”… If you want to do right, learn to do it from someone who is doing it right”

Robert Condon