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Hernia Shpigely


Hernia Shpigely is very rare abdominal hernia and difficult to diagnose. Much of the doctors have not seen her. Appears as a burden, pain, swelling in the countries of the navel. The diagnosis may be delayed because of doubts about other diseases of the abdominal organs especially in obese people. Often these patients are treated incorrectly for colitis, appendicitis, ulcers, and others. Aid in the diagnosis of this type of hernia is and ultrasound scanner. For hernia plastic is better to use the "canvas". Enclosed with hernia plastic "canvas" placed in the deepest layer of abdominal wall, which started the formation of the hernia defect (see the sculpture in the gallery). In laparoscopic (bloodless) way of expression is greatly facilitated because the inside is easily seen hernia defect and just put on plastic canvas.